This Blog is dedicated to all the Late Bloomers out there who have been told it's too late, you've expired. Well, I want to use this space to encourage you (and myself) that it is never too late to do what you desire to. We all live a different story, and no one has lived yours, so we don't know how it ends yet. I hope these stories of late bloomers encourages you to do the thing you felt you are 'too old' or 'you missed your chance' to do. I hope it inspires audacious creativity and belief in yourself. 

Vera Wang 

Did you know that Vera Wang, the world renowned wedding dress designer created her first dress at age 40

She actually spent a majority of her life aspiring to be a figure skater (hey, like me!) but switched gears later in life to pursue fashion. When she didn't make the olympic figure skating team she went to Sarah Laurence and worked at Vogue. 

She got into dress designing when she struggled to find a wedding dress for herself and decided to just design one! 

She is currently in her 70s and posting so many glamorous Covid Selfies, it is very inspiring! 

It goes to show you never know when your 'thing' is going to come out in you. Maybe it will be because you can't find a painting that quite feels the way you want it to, so you make it yourself. Or maybe you can't find a book you feel like reading, so you write it yourself! I remember when I was starting out as a musician I was trying to be more conscious of where I bought my clothing from and how they treated their employees, and I couldn't seem to find a slouchy hat anywhere but H&M, so I made one myself. Well, my next gig someone asked where I got it from and I sold it off my head for $20. So, my next gig I showed up with 2 hats, and sold both. That trend continued with me selling as many as 5 or 6 hats right off my head during a set, I ended up showing up to every gig with a suitcase of hats and you know what, some nights that was the difference between food and no food! I didn't become a famous hat maker and eventually decided to give it up because I had no desire to wake up 80 years old and say 'look at all the hats I've made'. However, it showed me that you never know what can turn into your next adventure!